Cazenovia Lake, a brief description from the Cazenovia Lake Association

Cazenovia Lake

Cazenovia Lake, located in Madison County, is at an elevation of 1,191 feet above sea level, a surface area of 1,183.6 acres, a maximum depth of 49 feet, an average depth of 19 feet and approximately four miles long and ¾ mile at its widest point.

Its water quality is classified "A" by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) which means it is suitable for drinking if properly treated.

New York state controls the water level in Cazenovia Lake through dams built in 1858 along the southern outlet of the lake to supply water for the Erie Canal System. The lake is also a feeder to Chittenango Creek and its massive falls, another valuable natural resource in Cazenovia.

Cazenovia Lake features fishing for bass, walleye and perch.

Information gleaned from a publication produced by the Cazenovia Lake Association. The Lake Association is a volunteer membership organization that spends approximately $50,000 each year on weed harvesting and educational programs. It actively participates in the Cazenovia school district's annual "Water Week" educational program for fourth graders.

The health and beauty of Cazenovia Lake is in our hands. Those of us who dwell on its banks or live in its watershed and, indeed, all who have access to the lake, are the stewards who have both voluntary and legal responsibilities to preserve this precious resource.

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